Monday, 30 January 2012

Lazy Blogger! oops!

Uh oh....been a lazy blogger recently it would seem! ha ha

I have been very busy though making lots of crafty things(pictures will follow tomorrow...promise!) planning my mums 60th Birthday party, my Husbands birthday and celebrating my mother in laws 60th too plus blitzing the kids rooms post christmas and the whole house really!( And making a daisy duck costume for my daughters class assembly on Thursday!) Sooooo....I am still around but lifes pretty hectic right now, plus I work 3 days a week, so not as much 'free/me' time as i'd like really.

I have also had time to look up a few things online and have found 2 websites i'm completely in love with....Twinkie Chan and Kitsch Kaos....LOTS of OMG's and 'I want, I want' comments! Roll on payday tomorrow! woo hoooooo

Bye for now,
Nicky x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

How Scrummy is my new bag!

Just had to show off my new clutch bag I bought myself with my Birthday money. I'm a big fan of Irregular Choice and whilst shopping in London last week I spotted this baby...

Soooooooo retro and cute! And also with 3 little charms attached, a little strawberry, a cute Ice Cream and a little Monkey...

I also picked up these 2 fab brooches in there for a bargain price of £1.25 each

My Doughnut and Cupcake pincushion :)

After alot of googling to find the right one, I finally made my first pincushion! Hurrah! (Well 2 actually)...

Quite proud of this one :)

I also made a cupcake and decided to give it to my mum as a gift...she was very impressed
It's not amazing but I made it, I hope to get better with more practice :)

Here is my Doughnut being put to good use already and looking rather pretty...

Sunday, 8 January 2012

My First Felt Attempt!

Ok...So after discovering this site last week, my daughter and I brain stormed about lots of cute things we would like to make and several drawings later we came up with this little guy......

It took what felt for hours, but as we're new to this, I'm sure it will get much quicker..(I'm hoping). Also have to say that apart from very easy simple sewing, ie:repairing a very much an amateur, and have never attempted something like I'm kinda proud of my little Ice Cream Buddy, as we have named him. He is destined for my Daughters school bag in the form of a key ring apparantly and this afternoon will be spent making a 'Doughnut Buddy' to go with him...wish me luck! :)

Hair Bows I have made for my daughter over the years...

Picture quality is not great on these I'm afraid as they were taken 2 years ago on my iphone
Haven't made any for awhile now, due to being busy with the wedding/dancing/football my daughter is in a slight tomboy stage at the moment and seems to come out of school with her hair looking like shes been dragged through a bush and hair clips are nowhere to be found or broken! I will start up again soo however as I get much pleasure from all things cute and girly :)

Crafty's continued....

This was my table sign at my wedding. Again following the theme, Aqua, polka and Fuschia, just bought from Hobbycraft and painted and covered myself...still love them!

These were my wedding shoes that I embellished myself with swarovski's, the other shoe had 'I Do' and this one had the date of my wedding..I called these my babies lol

And this was my evening 50's style wedding dress...yes I know, how spoilt right having 2 dresses? But as my mum is a dressmaker it would be rude not to! It is made from Silk Chiffon and silk taffetta but still only cost me under £100....unfortunately by the time i put it on, on my wedding day, the photographer had disappeared :( so I have no pictures to show it off in it's full glory 

A few Handmade items I have made over the last year.....

Just posting a few things that I have made, or my mum has in a few cases, and I will obviously keep updating this as I get more and more inspired!

NEVER attempted this before but I just fiddled around with some spare fabrics and this is what I got. They were for my bridesmaids beehives to match their 50's style dresses my mum made for my wedding last year :)

This being the fab dresses :) Very clever mummy...My colour scheme for my wedding was Aqua and Fuschia and polka dots...yummy!

These were the invitations I made, again never attempted this before but knew I could save myself a fortune by doing it myself...and also have something unique and personal too

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My First Post!!.........

Helllooooooooooooo!!! :)

Well I thought I'd best write something on my blog but I've just been far too busy reading all of everybody elses amazing blogs! They are some seriously creative and talented people out there, and it is soooo inspiring...and makes me want to have sooo many things(not sure my husband would like the latter part of my sentence)

Well over the last few years I have made lots of crafty things on and off myself, and have been addicted to fabric for a long time. My Mum is a dressmaker/seamstress/sewer/knitter/crotcherer lol so I guess I was bound to end up loving anything craft or making wise(my daughter is also following us now too :))

I haven't many photographs of my work so far, seem to have misplaced the lead for my when i finally finish the hunt for that, photos will arrive!

I have just discovered the magical world of FELT and am loving all the fellow 'Felty Appreciation Societies' I am finding on here...I just cant wait to get started...but need extra money for the supplies and cleverly convinced my husband to kindly pass me his credit card details so that I can divulge into my cravings of felt and fabric...Thank you Dan x

Anyway, I will leave it there as I have rambled on a bit...expect to see polka dots, cuteness, ribbons, gingham, felt and fabric...oooohhhhhhhh im excited already :)

Thank you for reading,

Nicky <3