Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sweet treats ;)...

Hello my lovely Bloggers!

 All of us have had colds in succession this week...first my Husband, then my daughter, then my son....and lastly me :( As all you fellow mums (and some dads possibly!) may know, when we are ill...the show must go on! lol I wanted nothing more than to curl up in my pyjamas, under a duvet all day with no jobs to do but my daughter was still poorly and up all night coughing (still is..zzzzz) and I've got sooooo many things on my to-do-list leading up to my mums 60th Birthday Party this Saturday, that I just couldn't unfortunately have that luxury. Anyway on a brighter note, I am going to the Amazing Four Seasons Hotel tomorrow with my mum, for a Spa day with an HOUR long full body massage!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Courtesy of a very thoughtful xmas pressie from my hubby :)

So here are a few handmades from this week....enjoy!

This was an extra little pressie I made last minute for my mums Birthday which was yesterday, it's a new needlecase for her

Popcorn brooch

Mint Green 'R',  for Rhiann my daughter, to hang on her door handle. Which she promptly hung up :)

Lollipop Handbag Charm

My daughter requested a new plushie just to play with in her room, I think she's sooo cute! <3

That's all for this week folks but the rest of my weeks are free for me to craft all I like now so keep an eye out for my posts

Thanks for reading :)

Nicky xxx

My Prize from I Love Crafty!...

I received my gorgeous prize this morning from Laura at I Love Crafty :)

I love them <3

Thank you sooo much Laura for the opportunity to win this fantastic prize, much appreciated :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I'm a WINNER!!

What a wonderful suprise I had tonight signing in to Blogger....I had won a truly fab prize in a Valentines Giveaway by the awesome scrummy blog of I Love Crafty !! :)

I am going to bed one happy lady as the prize is soooooo me and if I didnt win them, I was actually going to purchase them! Now I can spend the money on some more of her gorgeous goodies. if you havent already be sure to check her page and shop out....fab makes :)

Thank you I Love Crafty!  : D

Friday, 10 February 2012

Milano baby!...

This month is very busy for me as it's been my Husbands Birthday and my Mums 60th coming up on Valentines day so lots of organising and planning. I suprised my lucky man with 2 tickets to Milan for the weekend with a posh hotel...aren't I the good wife ;) ( and a very clever one too ha ha)
So we flew out on Saturday 4th (his bday) and came back Monday night, very nice break, however even more cold and more snow than over here...and my Husband HATES being cold...(maybe not such a good clever wife after all!) It was a lovely break though, we NEVER have any more than 1 night away from our kids as we miss them terribly and feel guilty, so it was nice to just have some us time for once...and have a few cocktails together...yuummmm

So I now have a week ahead of party planning and organising ahead then thats it....I can finally get on with some crafting and making which I love <3

Nicky xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Apple hair slide

Apple hair Slide :) Again free hand and my own design

I'm currently working on a new design, almost finished, and will post pics as soon as I can :)

Hope you've enjoyed looking at my crafty bits!

Nicky xx

More cute makes :)....

My first tote bag, was quite proud as I'm very much a beginner on my sewing machine, and I even managed to make a lining too. I appliqued the cupcake using Bondaweb and peanut chose the colours as this was her new little bag. Have to say she already has a handbag obsession and actually has more bags than me!

LOVE this cute cloud! It just makes me smile everytime he catches my eye <3

Meet Chip the cookie ;) Another of Peanuts school bag charms....awww isnt he just adorable!

Something for me....a new keyring cupcake...cant figure out how to rotate this on here as on my computer its the right way up??

Rainbow Cuteness!

This is quite large, more like a plushie than a keyring...not sure what I'm going to do with this but I keep it on my computer/craft desk so it brightens it up :) This took quite a while and was quite tricky making actually, would probably tweak a few things if I made it again but this was all free hand from my own designs.

Finally! Some photo's of my recent makes...

Yay! I have finally got round to it and uploaded my pics :) The following is a selection of felt and fabric makes I have made for the last few weeks....

This was a keyring gift for my Mother-in-Law, I also made my sister a leopard print and pink felt one which I forgot to take a pic of unfortunately

This I made for my mum to hang up in her sewing room, but she loves it so much she's put it in her bedroom. It spells NAN as my daughter was helping me to make it...until 5 mins after we'd cut the letters out she'd disappeared and left me to it!

Next came 'Poppy' prizes for guessing how we came to that name. This was requested by my little Peanut(my daughters nickname) for her school bag. She very proudly ran into school, showing it off to all her friends and teacher...nice to know something I've made myself for not very much money, brings total joy to her.... I then proceeded to make more as 'peanut' gave her requests....

This was a doughnut hairslide, not sure if i mentioned this before but peanuts favourite colour is'll see a LOT of this colour in most of the designs I make for her, a little stage she's going through!

Cupcake with a bow and eyelashes as peanut requested....I do love this little one <3

Some Blue striped and red spotty hair bows on hairclips....she looks too cute in these :)