Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hedgehogs and Mice...

Last week I made a felt name banner for my nephews newly decorated room, he is obsessed with cars, and with fresh painted white walls it was calling out for some colour! I got sketching (it is my name you know ;) and soon had a VERY basic car design. I hadn't seen his bedroom range which his mummy had got him from IKEA but I'm told it matches perfectly....so here it is...

For a first attempt, I was quite pleased, and my sister-in-law certainly was....so much so that she went and posted it straight away on her facebook...and within 2 days I had 8 requests to make name banners in various dinosaur, train, hedgehog and mice designs! I was overwhelmed with the trust people put into you from 1 item....and it was my very first one. So I immediately set to work when I had a request from a friend of my sis-in-laws to make a name banner based on a Mama's and Papa's nursery range she had in her sons bedroom. When I googled it, here is what I found...

There were a few other pictures I found of a Hedgehog character too, So I drew a picture of that and used the mouse also and got cutting and sewing.....a few days later...this was the finished article...

What do you think? I must admit, I was quite sad giving this one away, I'd spent alot of time on it and had become quite attached to the little guys :(  But on the plus side, a little boy will be smiling at them now instead of me :)


  1. Wow 8 requests - that's fab! Love the hedgehog and mice, they are so cute and will make a lovely addition to a little boys room!

  2. FANTASTIC...i am not suprised you have so many requests!
    i love the little mouse x
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  3. Thank You Ladies! I think this banner is definately my favourite so far :)