Sunday, 22 April 2012

Did you miss me??? he he he

Oops.....sorry I've been absent for soooo long! Im busy as always (aren't we all!) and sometimes it's just soooo much easier to hop onto Facebook and update my page on there (for those that are on Facebook it is 'Sew Cute by Nicky')

Anyhow thought I would upload a few piccies for you all to see what exactly has been keeping me busy, plus being Easter, I made sure I got alot of family time in which was fantastic! :)

This was a Jubilee style brooch I made for my daughters funky blazer we bought her from Next. It's Navy Blue with a white edging all round it, so this mathed it perfect! I love it :) This was based loosely follwing Sew Sweet tutorial that she kindly posted on her Birthday week blog

I can't remember if I posted these or not, but I had an order from a work colleague for 2 Initials for a bedroom

Lots of scrummy buttons and colours...yummmm

And the following are just some little pieces I have made the last week, the big bow and heart brooch were made for my Niece for her Baby Shower she had last night, the rest are what I have made for my daughter just because I love making pretty things! :) Enjoy....

The bow above is quite large but my Niece likes them like that, and so do I actually...think retro/rockabilly/kitsch style....I love making these new fabric bows, so easy yet so affective and soooo many pretty fabrics to use :) I made the polka dot heart with a brooch pin and a hair clip so that she can either wear it in her hair on on a cute cardigan/jumper.

And now just a couple of Bows I have been experimenting with...trying to get that perfect shape and size...the last two pics show the bows which I have been trying to make for years and after watching MANY tutorials, youtube videos...I have now finally found a technique that works for me...Yaayyy!!!!

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