Sunday, 8 January 2012

A few Handmade items I have made over the last year.....

Just posting a few things that I have made, or my mum has in a few cases, and I will obviously keep updating this as I get more and more inspired!

NEVER attempted this before but I just fiddled around with some spare fabrics and this is what I got. They were for my bridesmaids beehives to match their 50's style dresses my mum made for my wedding last year :)

This being the fab dresses :) Very clever mummy...My colour scheme for my wedding was Aqua and Fuschia and polka dots...yummy!

These were the invitations I made, again never attempted this before but knew I could save myself a fortune by doing it myself...and also have something unique and personal too


  1. Wow, loooove those dresses - your mum is so clever! And I love the colour combo, your invites are fab! x

  2. Aaaww Thank you so much :) Took MANY hours making them but was soooo worth it x