Sunday, 8 January 2012

My First Felt Attempt!

Ok...So after discovering this site last week, my daughter and I brain stormed about lots of cute things we would like to make and several drawings later we came up with this little guy......

It took what felt for hours, but as we're new to this, I'm sure it will get much quicker..(I'm hoping). Also have to say that apart from very easy simple sewing, ie:repairing a very much an amateur, and have never attempted something like I'm kinda proud of my little Ice Cream Buddy, as we have named him. He is destined for my Daughters school bag in the form of a key ring apparantly and this afternoon will be spent making a 'Doughnut Buddy' to go with him...wish me luck! :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nicky, thank you so much fro your order. Im so happy you received it all in good time. After seeing this cute fella im really looking forwrad to seeing more felt makes from you in the future. Great minds think alike ; ) Ive been doing a new summer 'sew you own' kit that would look great with him.
    take care sweetie
    Emma x