Saturday, 7 January 2012

My First Post!!.........

Helllooooooooooooo!!! :)

Well I thought I'd best write something on my blog but I've just been far too busy reading all of everybody elses amazing blogs! They are some seriously creative and talented people out there, and it is soooo inspiring...and makes me want to have sooo many things(not sure my husband would like the latter part of my sentence)

Well over the last few years I have made lots of crafty things on and off myself, and have been addicted to fabric for a long time. My Mum is a dressmaker/seamstress/sewer/knitter/crotcherer lol so I guess I was bound to end up loving anything craft or making wise(my daughter is also following us now too :))

I haven't many photographs of my work so far, seem to have misplaced the lead for my when i finally finish the hunt for that, photos will arrive!

I have just discovered the magical world of FELT and am loving all the fellow 'Felty Appreciation Societies' I am finding on here...I just cant wait to get started...but need extra money for the supplies and cleverly convinced my husband to kindly pass me his credit card details so that I can divulge into my cravings of felt and fabric...Thank you Dan x

Anyway, I will leave it there as I have rambled on a bit...expect to see polka dots, cuteness, ribbons, gingham, felt and fabric...oooohhhhhhhh im excited already :)

Thank you for reading,

Nicky <3


  1. hello! looking forward to reading your posts. xx

  2. Thank you MissGinger! My first follower :) Love your blog by the way and I never even knew Greenwich had a Market!? Must pop there when I next visit my sister in Plumstead x