Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Finally! Some photo's of my recent makes...

Yay! I have finally got round to it and uploaded my pics :) The following is a selection of felt and fabric makes I have made for the last few weeks....

This was a keyring gift for my Mother-in-Law, I also made my sister a leopard print and pink felt one which I forgot to take a pic of unfortunately

This I made for my mum to hang up in her sewing room, but she loves it so much she's put it in her bedroom. It spells NAN as my daughter was helping me to make it...until 5 mins after we'd cut the letters out she'd disappeared and left me to it!

Next came 'Poppy' prizes for guessing how we came to that name. This was requested by my little Peanut(my daughters nickname) for her school bag. She very proudly ran into school, showing it off to all her friends and teacher...nice to know something I've made myself for not very much money, brings total joy to her.... I then proceeded to make more as 'peanut' gave her requests....

This was a doughnut hairslide, not sure if i mentioned this before but peanuts favourite colour is'll see a LOT of this colour in most of the designs I make for her, a little stage she's going through!

Cupcake with a bow and eyelashes as peanut requested....I do love this little one <3

Some Blue striped and red spotty hair bows on hairclips....she looks too cute in these :)


  1. The cupcake's so cute! little eyelashes ♥

  2. Wow, you really have been busy - lovely makes! For some reason your posts haven't been showing up in my blog reader - am off to catch up now! x

  3. oooh yes great minds do think alike!!! i love yoru ice lolly, i think these are so cute and perfect for the summer.....well actually i love these cuties at any time of the year :0)
    thank you so much for entering my give-a-way, good luck
    emma x