Friday, 10 February 2012

Milano baby!...

This month is very busy for me as it's been my Husbands Birthday and my Mums 60th coming up on Valentines day so lots of organising and planning. I suprised my lucky man with 2 tickets to Milan for the weekend with a posh hotel...aren't I the good wife ;) ( and a very clever one too ha ha)
So we flew out on Saturday 4th (his bday) and came back Monday night, very nice break, however even more cold and more snow than over here...and my Husband HATES being cold...(maybe not such a good clever wife after all!) It was a lovely break though, we NEVER have any more than 1 night away from our kids as we miss them terribly and feel guilty, so it was nice to just have some us time for once...and have a few cocktails together...yuummmm

So I now have a week ahead of party planning and organising ahead then thats it....I can finally get on with some crafting and making which I love <3

Nicky xx

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  1. What a fab pressie, must have been lovely to have some 'grown-up' time! Have fun party planning and crafty-making! x