Wednesday, 1 February 2012

More cute makes :)....

My first tote bag, was quite proud as I'm very much a beginner on my sewing machine, and I even managed to make a lining too. I appliqued the cupcake using Bondaweb and peanut chose the colours as this was her new little bag. Have to say she already has a handbag obsession and actually has more bags than me!

LOVE this cute cloud! It just makes me smile everytime he catches my eye <3

Meet Chip the cookie ;) Another of Peanuts school bag charms....awww isnt he just adorable!

Something for me....a new keyring cupcake...cant figure out how to rotate this on here as on my computer its the right way up??

Rainbow Cuteness!

This is quite large, more like a plushie than a keyring...not sure what I'm going to do with this but I keep it on my computer/craft desk so it brightens it up :) This took quite a while and was quite tricky making actually, would probably tweak a few things if I made it again but this was all free hand from my own designs.


  1. Ohhhh i love Chip the cookie!!! they are seriously amazing, well done you ! xx

  2. Wow, what lovely makes!!
    The little tote bag is gorgeous!
    Thanks for visiting my blog (which I havent posted on for ages because Im a bad blogger!)
    Im your newest follower. Looking forward to seeing what you make next. xxx